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The power of social influence is undeniable – 92% of people on social media trust recommendations of Influencers they follow!

Influencer Engagement Services

  • Blogger Engagement

Bloggers are the journalists of the digital age. Across the world, people turn to their favorite blogs to stay updated on anything that interests them. We work within the blogger community to ensure that our clients and their offerings get coverage from industry or niche specific bloggers.

  • Social Influencer Engagement

From fresh fashions to the latest tech toy – people spend hours researching and comparing reviews before opening their wallets. In this landscape, collaborating with Influencers is a MUST. We ensure you identify and work with the Influencer that can get your brand maximum exposure.

  • Vlogger

Video content is becoming increasingly popular, and with it, vlogging (video blogging) has also seen a massive rise in viewership. Some Vloggers have a larger fan base than most movie celebrities! We have been in touch with vlogging communities since its infancy and we know exactly how brands can tap into their authenticity and fan base.

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Influencer Marketing Programs

Join our growing network of influencers to become part of a community that enables you to monetize your social potential
Discover untapped audiences through our sophisticated influencer marketing programs and grow your brand value. When you clearly define your goals, you can better assess influencer relationships and whether they will help you achieve results.
Tracking & Reporting
Running a successful influencer campaign requires proper planning and execution. It also requires detailed insights and engagement metrics to monitor. You can assess your influencer program with ease and improve the ROI from your influencer collaborations.
We ensure brand safety and deliver excellent results supported by data. With the creation of authentic content and then amplify this content with media precision. Influencer media programs result in high-quality content created by influential voices with targeted reach.
Corporate Tie-ups
We build upon your brand objectives by designing a customised program that support interactive customer engagements. Our solution isn’t just a rewards program; it offers multiple touch-points that allow you to have a continuous contact with your customers.